Villa Astu 1 & 2
Est. 2021

Bali, Indonesia

Build Size

Land Size

Design Style
Contemporary Tropical

Build Type
Two Villas


Villa Astu 1 & 2 are two small and quite similar side-by-side villas, which each have their own unique interior design. Starting with the exteriors, the villas have a unique pitched roof, providing a striking visual appearance for guests. There is also floor-to-ceiling glass, which provides exceptional views over the pool, river and surrounding scenery.

Each of these villas have 1 bedroom located on the upper floor. The upper level also features a large void covered with hammock netting, which is the ideal place to relax and unwind or perhaps take that Instagram-worthy photo. Each of these villas also has a balcony, which is the perfect place to start the day with a coffee.

The downstairs area of both villas features a living area, kitchen and dining and bathroom. Although these are small villas, they have been expertly designed to incorporate a full bathroom (including a bathtub overlooking the tropical gardens) and a full kitchen. Each villa also has its own sunken sofa area, which not only looks great but is also functional and ensures obstructed views throughout the villa.

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