Villa Alia 1 & 2
Est. 2021

Bali, Indonesia

Build Size

Land Size

Design Style
Tropical Industrial

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These small villas were perfectly designed as holiday rentals. The two villas are located side by side and mirror each other in terms of design and style. Whilst they have been designed to maximise space on a small plot, each villa benefits from ample privacy and plenty of room for entertaining and relaxing.

These villas have a tropical industrial style, which is very popular in modern Bali design at the moment. The facade has an eye-catching shape with an off-centred roof pitch and high ceilings on the second floor. Wood is used throughout, both inside and outside, and there is also a central stone feature wall that runs through the villas. As is essential with any tropical design, there is a beautiful pool for cooling off from the hot weather.

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