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Bali is a great place to purchase a holiday home. It is a favourite location for many travellers and has been named the world’s best destination by TripAdvisor. You do not need to live in Bali or hold Indonesian citizenship to invest – everyone can invest and build in Bali.

Architect in Bali

Aura Villas
Est. 2019

This property consists of 3 interconnecting villas, which can accommodate up to 24 guests. Built over 3-levels, each villa has it’s own private pool, outdoor terrace and sundeck. There is a consistent exterior, but each villa has it’s own unique interior design and furnishings. View the full case study for Aura Villas for additional information about the process of building in Bali.

Balitecture Portfolio - Build in Bali
Portfolio - Balitecture - Build in Bali

Villa Naynyu
Est. 2021

This impressive villa comprises of 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Split over 3 levels, this property has multiple living rooms, a spacious kitchen and a large roof terrace to enjoy the surrounding scenery. There is also a large pool with swim-up bar and a nearby outdoor shower.

Balitecture - Nyanyi Builders and Architects (3)

Amia Villa
Est. 2017

This luxurious villa with river views is built over 2 floors. The lower floor incorporates a large kitchen, living and dining area, as well as the master suite that includes an garden bathroom. The upper level features 3 en-suite bedrooms, with views overlooking the tropical gardens.

Berawa Villas
Est. 2021

This property consists of three villas and a boutique hotel. The hotel offers guests large and luxurious rooms overlooking the pool. There are also dining facilities available onsite.

The three villas offer guests a luxury experience, with each villa featuring a large pool, roof terrace and generous relaxation areas. They also each include a fully fitted kitchen. 

Bali Architects and Builders

Villa Alia
Est. 2021

This villa complex has been designed in a modern Balinese style. There is ample natural light thanks to large glass windows and retractable doors, which allow guests to fully enjoy Bali’s beautiful weather throughout the year.

There is a large swim pool that wraps around the property, as well as landscapes and outside decking. These villas also utilise mature plants within the interior gardens and wooden styling for a natural feel.

Bali Architect Portfolio
Bali Architect Portfolio

Antara Villa
Est. 2017

This luxury villa has 3 large bedrooms, each with their own en-suite. The master bedroom also has a private outside shower. There is a large living and dining area, with full length patio doors that open on to the terrace and pool. There is also bar entertaining area on the third floor.

Villa Pererenan
Est. 2021

This luxury 4-bedroom villa has been perfectly designed to fit the plot, allowing for a sun-drenched pool and luscious tropical gardens. Incorporating a modern Balinese design, some of the key elements of this villa include the sunken lounge, double level living areas, outside bath tub and even a workspace area.

Balinese architect Portfolio - Balitecture
Balinese architect Portfolio - Balitecture

Villa Saba
Est. 2021

Villa Saba is a 3-bedroom villa due to be completed in 2021. This Bali villa is built on just 200sqm of land, but includes everything you could imagine, including a pool, gym, roof terrace, open plan lounge & dining, as well as a pool and parking area. This villa is built in Gianyar.

Build in Bali Portfolio

In collaboration with Wala Wastu

Tri Villas
Est. 2021

The Tri Villas is new property that, as the name suggests, comprises of three villas. There is one large 4-bedroom villa, along with two smaller 2-bedroom villas.

Built on a unique triangular-shaped plot, these villas have been designed to maximise the available space, whilst also ensuring each property benefits from privacy and amazing views of the surrounding scenery. 

Bali Architect Portfolio
Bali Architect Portfolio

Avino Apartment
Est. 2019

This unique property maximises the land for optimal use, with 80% of the available space dedicated to the structure. There is a central garden and void in the middle, allowing sunshine to flow to each property. Built over 3 levels, there roof also features a pool and dining area.


Azira Resort
Est. 2015

This large scale project covered a land area of 67,000 sqm. It was divided into numerous plots, each with different functions, such as residential villas, commercial (shops, restaurants, etc.) and 5-star hotel. The design also incorporates a large central pool, landscaped gardens and a beach club.

Azira Resort - Hotel Developers in Bali

Batangas Villas
Est. 2019

Built in Batangas, Manila, this development consists of 2 villas built on land with an incline of almost 50 degrees. The villas are made up of multiple floors, and each has 3 bedrooms. There is an elevated pool and large terrace at the bottom of the property.

John Hardy Gallery
Est. 2019

This commercial property combines modern architecture with Balinese styling and also incorporates bamboo throughout. Built in Seminyak, the property consists of 2 floors. The ground floor has a restaurant and offices, whilst the upper level has a jewellery showroom.

Bera Villas
Est. 2021

The impressive Berawa Villas consist of 3 interconnecting properties, which can accommodate up to 24 guests. Designed to maximise the available land (150sqm per property), each 3-story villa features 4 bedrooms with en-suites, spacious living & dining areas and a private pool. Each villa also has an outdoor bathtub to enjoy the beauty of Bali in complete privacy.

Nakula Villas - Build in Bali

Banana Residence
Est. 2018

Five storey building on the heart of Lagos, Nigeria in collaboration with Solid+. This building uses a contemporary design that uses a combination of natural materials like lava stone, polished concrete and wood to make a stunning build.

Professional Architects Bali Portfolio

Private Gym and Sauna
Est. 2020

This private gym and sauna was for a client located in Batam, Indonesia in collaboration with Solid+. It uses a modern design combined with an industrial styling to create a fitness area that is gentle, mysterious and elegant.  It is finished with a combination of wood, stone and polished concrete.

Architect Portfolio Bali Villas
Architects Bali
Architects Bali Portfolio

Jakarta Residence
Est. 2018

Located in the heart of South Jakarta, Indonesia, this modern and minimalist concept uses natural material to create a luxury finish. In collaboration with Solid+, this property features 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, dining room and kitchen.

Bali Builder Portfolio

Ungasan Townhouse
Est. 2020

These unique townhouses combine tropical vibes and Ungasan style with a modern design to create a desirable home for the new owners in collaboration with Solid+. The property uses a pitched roof and rooster design on the façade with polished concrete and wood. The build is finished with a Palimanan stone angkul (a traditional front gate in Bali).

3 Bedroom Villa - Bali Architect

Kemang Residence
Est. 2018

Kemang Residence is located in Kemang, Indonesia. This building uses a contemporary design with a strong focus on natural wooden materials throughout, which provide privacy, airflow and light for the owners. The light wooden tones are offset by the dark lava stone walls. The property is finished with landscaped tropical gardens.

Bali Architect Design Portfolio - Kemang residence


Ungasan Villa

Chennai Private House

Berawa Villa & Guest House

Nyang Nyang Beach Villa

Mentawai Villa

Jimbaran Villa


In collaboration with Solid+

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In collaboration with Solid+

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Bali Villa Portfolio

Bali Villa

Our Bali villa portfolio of amazing designs and architectural projects will provide ideas and inspiration for your own villa build. Whether you are looking for a dream villa to call your home or a profitable holiday rental, Balitecture can create the ideal property.

From modern contemporary designs to traditional Balinese architecture, our team of professional and qualified architects can create the ideal villa design to suit your preferences, budget and land contours.

This is only a small selection of our Bali villa portfolio. Please get in touch for more projects.

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