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Balinese Villas

Our luxury Bali villa tours provide an exclusive look into some of the most prestigious homes on the planet. Explore unique architecture, Balinese style and high-quality finishes in these custom built properties. If you needed any more inspiration to build in Bali, these videos are for you! If you prefer shorter videos, check out our villa inspiration page

modern tropical hut
Desa Hay

These tropical huts in Bali have everything you would possibly want from a tropical villa. As you enter you are met with lush tropical gardens, a sun-drenched pool, and the striking facade of these tiny homes.

Modern Bali Design

Inside this Bali tiny house, you will find incredible architectural design, with a curved roof that comes together in the center to form a double-height A-frame facade with floor-to-ceiling windows. The tiny villa also features incredible interior design, with polished concrete walls perfectly balanced with warm wooden ceilings.

luxury beachside tropical

Located on a stunning black sand beach and surrounded by lush rice fields, these tropical homes feature unique architectural design and traditional styling that will leave you mesmerized.

Magical, beautiful and incredible
Hideout Bali

if you’re a fan of bamboo architecture, the incredible homes at Hideout Bali are sure not to disappoint. Enjoy the full video tour of this tropical villa in rural Bali. Come along as we take you inside some magical villas that are the most wished accommodation on Airbnb!

modern French design
La Maison

One of the first things you will notice as you enter La Maison is the spectacular landscaping, which sets the mood for your amazing stay in paradise. The 2 storey house design has a striking facade, with a warm and inviting interior.

Epic Tropical Mansion
Villa Manis

Featuring an impressive 8 bedrooms, the tropical villa design is split into many different buildings across the large property.

Bali Hut Design
Beyond Bayou

This tropical tiny house in Bali is truly something to behold. With its teak wood grill façade, super unique hut design, and incredibly high-quality craftsmanship, this tiny home is sure to blow your mind.

the pool is insane
The Adiwana Bisma Ubud

When it comes to incredible places to take a dip, it is hard to beat this amazing rooftop infinity swimming pool with endless views over Bali jungle!

tropical oasis
Las Lunas villas

Featuring all of the best in Bali interior design and styling, these incredible villas in Canggu are a tropical oasis. From rock feature walls to polished concrete flooring, our house tour of the 2 Las Lunas villas is full of ideas and inspiration for fans of architecture.

tropical industrial design
Villa Kamal

This house tour of the incredible Villa Kamal in Umalas, Bali, is the perfect example of tropical industrial design. With polished concrete walls, exposed steel beams and warm wooden touches, this is a dream home for fans of industrial interior design.

tropical design perfection
The Adiwana Resort

Located in the heart of an Indonesian jungle, this incredible property is the perfect place for guests to relax and reconnect with nature. The Adiwana Resort Jembawan features a breathtaking tropical design that focuses on maximizing views, whilst maintaining privacy, and also includes an incredible infinity-edge pool.

Mediterranean Design
Villa Avanti

This home is so perfect it is regularly used for photoshoots and it is easy to see why. With incredible modern Mediterranean architectural design, large windows to fill the rooms with sunshine and a tasteful white theme throughout complimented by splashes of color, this Bali villa is one of the best we have ever seen.

Romantic Private Pool
Villa Mahi Mahi

You won’t believe the price of these incredible tiny houses! With tropical styling throughout, outdoor bathroom, four-poster king-sized bed, and cascading swimming pool, this is one home tour that will make you jealous.

Traditional balinese Architecture
Villa Pangi Gita

Our tour inside this incredible home will leave you wanting to see more. The warm wood tones of this traditional tropical design perfectly balance with the serene tropical landscaping and inviting sun-drenched pool.

Colonial Home Design
Villa STR

With incredible modern tropical design with colonial styling, 4 spacious bedrooms, indoor and outdoor living areas, and even a very rare home feature in Bali – an outdoor jacuzzi – our house tour of Villa STR will have you packing your bags and buying a home in Bali.

Bali Luxury Huts
La Joya Biu Biu Resort

These tropical cliffside villas use traditional architecture to create stunning luxury huts surrounded by sprawling pools and beautiful landscaping. Set on top of an ocean cliff, La Joya Biu Biu is a stunning resort inspired by traditional architecture and hut design.

Traditional Bali Hut

Bali has some of the nicest traditional architecture on the planet. Using local materials including stone and bamboo, Bali hut designs are perfectly suited to the incredible scenery of Ubud.

Holiday Perfection
Villa Kavya

This stunning Bali-inspired holiday home has been perfectly designed to stand the test of time. With spacious rooms and an open living area, this home ensures guests enjoy the best of Bali’s beautiful tropical climate.

Best Tropical Home Design ?
Blue Karma Dijiwa

With intricate wooden interiors, luxurious finishes, infinity-edge swimming pools over looking ricefields and large balcony hammocks in the jungles of Bali, this is a property tour you need to see! Come along as we show you the amazing tropical architecture at Blue Karma Dijiwa in Ubud.

Modern Tropical Design
Villa Uma Berawa

With incredible modern tropical design, 5 stunning bedrooms, indoor and outdoor living areas, and a sun-drenched swimming pool, our house tour of Villa Uma Berawa will have you packing your bags and buying a home in Bali.

Tropical Tiny House
The Korowai Bali

Tiny homes have swept the world as one of the most popular forms of accommodation for holidaymakers who want an unforgettable experience. On this tiny house tour, we will take you inside the most insane tiny homes you have ever seen. 

Celebrity Home Tour
Soori Bali

With incredible scenery, stunning Bali architecture, and luxurious interior design, our tour of the 10-bedroom Kardashian house in Bali may be our best yet! Featuring 48 of Bali’s best villas, the superb Soori Bali is one of the world’s premier resorts and is popular with the rich and famous. If you’re a fan of celebrity home tours then come along as we take you on a sneak peek at where they stay at the mind-blowing Soori Bali.

Bali House Tour
Villa Amita

What is better than a luxury Bali mansion? A luxury Bali mansion with an insane swimming pool! In this house tour we take you around the incredible Villa Amita in Canggu, Bali.

Ultra Modern Home
Shahzadi Villa

Modern Bali architectural design is popular right now, and this tour will show you why! From the use of natural materials like stone and wood, to open plan living and even inside gardens, this incredible luxury property will inspire you! Shahzadi Villa is the ideal modern tropical home, with exceptional light Bali styling throughout. Come along as we take you on a mansion tour around the unmissable property!

Paradise Property
Artini Dijiwa

If you’ve ever wanted to experience paradise, this luxury resort with traditional Balinese styling and stunning scenery is the place for you! Located in the beautiful area of Ubud, Bali, The Artini Dijiwa is a property that needs to be seen to be believed, so strap in and enjoy our tour of this amazing resort.

Colonial Villa
Villa Ayana

Bali has always been a dream destination to live, holiday and explore. The rich culture, unique architecture, and scenic views in Bali are hypnotizing. This colonial-style home in Bali could definitely will be your dream home. With 7 ensuite bedrooms and extensive indoor-outdoor spaces, Villa Ayana Manis is the perfect tropical yet minimalist home. Come along as we take you around a beautiful colonial-style mansion in Bali!

Bali Mega Mansion
Heavenly House

Is this the most luxurious home in Bali? With 15-bedrooms, ultra-modern tropical design, multiple swimming pools, one of Bali’s best art collections and so many hidden surprises, this luxury villa needs to be seen to be believed. Heavenly House is located on a private compound in Canggu, and is currently on the market for $8,000,000 USD – if you’re looking for a new home, get in touch! Come along as we take you on an exclusive house tour around the incredible Heavenly House.

Colonial Villa Design
Villa Artis

You have never seen a villa like this before! Full of unique artworks and artefacts, Villa Artis is the perfect combination of traditional Bali architecture and modern luxury. Featuring ample space for entertaining guests, spacious en-suite bedrooms and a large sun-drenched pool overlooking the rice fields, this home is special. Come along as we take you around the incredible Villa Artis.

Tropical Tiny Homes
Mathis Lodge

If you’re a real traveler that loves unique accommodation and some of the best views on Earth, this tour is for you! Mathis Lodge offers an intimate and unique hotel concept with an original and authentic vision of Balinese luxury. This mind-blowing property has a lot more than just exceptional views, as the luxurious tiny villas are the perfect place to relax and unwind, with tropical styling and a private pool. Come along as we take you around the glorious rustic lodge in Bali!

Tropical Perfection
Blue Karma Villas

When it comes to tropical architectural perfection, nowhere on the planet does it better than Bali! This luxury villa will leave you speechless, as it incorporates Indonesia’s rich arts and culture throughout the design. Built in the scenic area of Umalas, Bali, these villas are the idyllic location for holidaymakers wanting an authentic experience to unwind, relax and reconnect with nature. Come along as we take you around the luxurious Blue Karma Villas.

Unique Architecture
Ambalama Villa

If you’ve ever wondered where the rich and famous holiday in Bali, this tour is for you! The incredible Ambalama Villa is made for entertaining guests on the Island of the Gods. It is a tropical paradise that includes everything you could possibly want from a luxury Bali villa, including spectacular views, spacious living areas, comfortable bedrooms, landscaped gardens and multiple pools! Come along as we take you around this luxury home in Bali.

Stunning Bali Villa
Anandathu Villa

Bali is the home to some of the World’s best villas, and this villa is a great example of modern Balinese design. Tropical architecture is loved around the world, and this Bali villa has fantastic design that incorporates landscaped gardens (including hanging plants), warm wood finishes, large glass windows and a sun-drenched pool. Come along as we take you around Anandathu Villas!

World's Best Views
Wapa di Ume

Bali is known for its incredible scenery, but no other resort on the island is as picture-perfect as this! In fact, Wapa di Ume Sidemen even has the award to provide it, winning one of the prestigious TripAdvisor Best of the Best awards for top picture-perfect hotels in the world. Not only is the scenery spectacular, but the architecture has been perfectly designed to create a paradise for guests. Come along as we take you around the award-winning Wapa di Ume Sidemen.

Bali Luxury Mansion
Villa Saptu Bayu

It is not every day that you get to see inside a luxury home as special as this! With numerous entertainment areas, incredibly scenic views from every room and one of the most spectacular pools we have ever seen, it is easy to say that Villa Sapta Bayu was created for living your best life.

Incredible Tiny Homes
Beehouse Dijiwa

Bali has lots of amazing and unique accommodation options, but none can compare with these giant beehouses. The unique architecture at Beehouse Dijiwa in Ubud has made it a must-do for holidaymakers wanting a unique stay in these incredible tiny houses. Come along as we take you around these beautiful circular villas and lush tropical gardens at Beehouse Dijiwa.

Modern Bali Design
Deja Villa

Is this the most luxurious home in Bali? With extensive water features, spacious indoor-outdoor living spaces, high-end furnishings, scenic views and even a two-storey swimming pool, Deja has everything you would want in a luxury Bali villa. This is one home tour that you need to see! If you’re interested in buying Deja Villa Bali, find out more here.

Unique Pool Design
The Tiing

Bali is full of incredible swimming pools, but this is the first time we have toured a property with a pool as unique as this! Not only does The Tiing Tejakula have an Instagram-worthy swimming pool, but the boutique resort also features incredible accommodation in a breath-taking location. Come along as we take you around this special place in Bali.

Garden Waterfall
Villa Kapungkur

If you’re a fan of traditional Indonesian architecture with modern design, this home tour is for you! Villa Kapungkur in Jimbaran is the perfect fusion of elegant traditional and luxury modern styling. The property has so many unique touches, both inside and outside. Come along as we take you around this very special villa in Bali.

Traditional Mansion
Chalina Estate

Whilst there is a lot to love about modern design, it is hard to beat the beauty of traditional Bali architecture, as can be seen in this incredible estate that is currently on the market for $2,950,000 USD. This home uses an incredible blend of modern and traditional design elements to create a luxurious and stylish property that blends effortlessly with Bali’s iconic scenery. Come along as we take you around a spectacular property with a dream garden!

Balinese Village
Pramana Watu Kurung

Bali has always been one of the best destinations on Earth and we are here to show you why! Relax whilst surrounded by stunning scenery at Pramana Watu Kurung. Situated in a small village that sits above the Ayung River, this stunning resort is surrounded by dense tropical terrain and productive rice fields. Guests can enjoy the phenomenal atmosphere while staying here and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Come along as we take you around one of the most beautiful accommodation options in Ubud, Bali, Pramana Watu Kurung!

Jungle Homes
Luwak Ubud Villas

Who is missing the incredible scenery of beautiful Bali? Treat yourself to one of the most stunning resorts with a famous views of the incredible Ubud. Inspired by Luwak, a local Asian Palm Civet from Indonesia, Luwak Ubud Villas allows guests to enjoy natural sites and Balinese culture. There is always a reason to visit this amazing place when you are in Bali as it is surrounded by within the heart of Ubud’s lush jungles that are sure to refresh your soul and body. Come along as we take you on a fantastic virtual tour of Luwak Ubud Villas!

Tropical Architecture
Shunyata Villas

Bali is known for having some of the best tropical design in the world, and the amazing Shunyata Villas are no exception. These villas feature many popular tropical design elements, from the private outside bathrooms that let guests enjoy the islands famed weather to the infinity-edge pools for enjoying sunrises over the ocean.

Luxury Resort
Hilton Bali

Are you looking for someone special for your next family getaway? The incredible Hilton Bali Resort has to be on your travel wishlist! Hilton Bali Resort has been recognized as the winner of the 2019 Luxury Family Beach Resort Award in Southern Asia and it is easy to see why. Surrounded by pristine sand, blue pools and lush greeneries, you can indulge, relax and play in this extraordinary tropical paradise. Come along as we take you around this mind-blowing property!

Urban Sanctuary
The Saren

The Saren is designed as a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. The term ‘Saren’ is derived from the concept of resting one’s mind and body, and is comes from Balinese royalty. Come along as we take you around this special property.

Ancient Property
The Royal Pita Maha

Traditional Balinese architecture is still extremely popular today, with many modern homes using elements within their designs. The Royal Pita Maha is a prime example, but instead of just using a selection of traditional architecture, the entire property is designed to reflect an ancient Balinese village, with modern touches and luxuries throughout. Come along as we take you around these spectacular Ubud villas.

Industrial Design
Shore Amora

If you are a fan of modern tropical industrial design, this villa tour is for you! Come along as we take you around the magnificent Shore Amora Canggu, which features both resort style accommodation and tiny homes that each feature their very own private pool and incredible rice field views.

Boutique Villa
Amora Ubud

Pamper yourself and enjoy a holiday getaway with an indulging atmosphere at Amora Ubud surrounded by spectacular natural beauty away from the hustle bustle of the city. Amora Ubud is one of the most exclusive destinations in the heart of Ubud. This villa is famous for its spectacular bathroom that offers an unforgettable experience for those that seek a luxury getaway in nature. Come along as we take you on a fantastic Bali house tour of Amora Ubud!

Tropical Tiny Homes
Sandat Glamping

Who is missing Bali’s incredible scenery? Sandat Glamping Tiny Homes is one the most exclusive destinations in the green rice fields of Ubud. This amazing resort will surprise you with the modern bio-architecture, which features a 10 meter high centrepiece that needs to be seen! Come along as we take you on a fantastic virtual tour of Sandat Glamping Tents and the beautiful surrounding scenery!

Ubud Jungle Home
Sandhya Villa

This luxury home has more privacy than most other celebrity houses! Tucked on a lush mountain in the scenic area of Ubud, Bali, this villa is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Surrounded by thick jungles, there is no better place to enjoy the beauty of nature. Come along as we take you around the incredible Sandhya Villa.

Luxury Jungle Villas
The Kayon Resort

Exceptional! Superb! Unbelievable! These are just a few of the common words you will find when reading reviews of The Kayon Jungle Resort. Perched on a hillside in lush forests, this property features modern Balinese styling and some of the most phenomenal pools you are likely to ever see.

Traditional Bali Design

If you want astounding scenery and incredible Balinese architecture, this resort tour is for you! Enjoy a relaxing vacation that blends traditional Balinese vibes with luxury at Amandari. This incredible luxury resort was designed and inspired by a traditional Balinese village on the verdant lip of the Ayung River Gorge. Placed in the heart of Ubud, you will fall in love with this resort’s architecture, which ensures guests can fully enjoy the spectacular scenery of the area.

Bathroom Pools
Aman Villas

This incredible luxury villa has a private pool in the bathroom! We tour Bali’s best and most prestigious homes, but this is a first for our channel. The incredible Aman Villas are the pinnacle in luxury accommodation in Bali, with fine architecture and exceptional landscaped gardens. Come along as we take you on a mansion tour that will blow your mind.

Plantation Hotel
Munduk Moding

If you don’t like being jealous, this luxury property tour is not for you. The incredible Munduk Moding Plantation has something for everyone, with incredible scenery, amazing architecture, fresh coffee and one of the most spectacular infinity pools on the planet.

Phenomenal Resort

Have you ever wanted to explore a luxury Bali resort? Come along as we take you on an access all areas tour of the phenomenal Amankila in Eastern Bali. Surrounded by luscious jungles and with unbeaten ocean views throughout the resort, this is one tour you are not going to want to miss. From fully equipped private villas to multi-tiered infinity pools, it is easy to see why Amankila is regarded as one of the most phenomenal resorts in Bali.

Photoshoot Hotel
White Palm Hotel

Would you love a home that combines minimalism with modern black and white styling? This property is the perfect choice for you! Designed and inspired by touches Balinese culture and Hinduism, the unique and relaxing vibes make this resort a must-visit destination on any trip to Bali. White Palm Hotel is one of the most popular accommodation choices for holidaymakers wanting a memorable experience, with incredible photo opportunities at every turn.

Bali Jungle Villas

Have you ever wanted to stay in an exclusive jungle villa in Bali? Come along as we take you on an access all areas tour of the impressive Aksari Resort Ubud. This property would complete a perfect holiday in Bali, especially for couples or honeymooners. Surrounded by breath-taking views along with green forest and beautiful bird sounds, these jungle villas will relax your mind and body. Surrounded by nature, Aksari Resort is the perfect destination for those wanting to experience the beauty of Bali, away from the crowds.

Designer Villas
Morabito Art Cliff

Come along as we take you on an apartment tour of the spectacular Morabito Art Cliffs. These 6 villas are not only unique pieces of art, but they will take you to the international destinations that inspired their design, including Santorini, Cartagena, Miami, Capri, Venice, and of course, Manhattan New York.

Luxury Tiny Homes
De Moksha

If you have ever considered visiting one of Bali’s famed eco retreats, our exclusive tour of the incredible De Moksha will have you booking your trip by the end of the video. Whether you want to try your hand at yoga or relax with a traditional massage, De Moksha is the ideal eco retreat unwind and reconnect with nature. Who can’t wait to travel to Bali again?

Luxury Treehouses

If you love luxury and unique architecture, this villa tour is for you! As well as having the opportunity to spend the night in a treehouse that is better than most homes, Nirjhara is the perfect location to experience the amazing scenery of Tabanan. Bali is famed for its magical natural scenery and will captivate your mind and soul. Who is excited to holiday again in Bali and to visit these luxury treehouses?

Modern Architecture
Villa Boa

Is this luxury home perfection? This stylish home incorporates modern Bali architecture and design for the ideal balance of inside and outside space. With tropical gardens and a 16m pool, the open plan living areas allow guests to enjoy every aspect of this house. Sit back and relax whilst we take you on a house tour of one of Canggu’s most luxurious Bali villas.

Bamboo Hut Bali

Have you ever dreamed of spending the night in a luxury bamboo hut, whilst enjoying some of the World’s BEST views? Come along as we take you on an exclusive tour of LAPUTA. You will be sure to be setting your alarm to watch the incredible sunrises across the valley below, whilst spending your days enjoying the serenity that this bamboo hut offers.

Architectural Home Design
Umah Daun

Bali has some of the world’s most unique architecture, and Umah Daun is a great example. Daun is Indonesian for leaf, and this home’s design was inspired by leaves and nature.

Designer Bali Villa
Villa Issi

A stunning metal sculpture wraps around Villa Issi’s top floor, providing practical shade and a delightful play of light in two of the villa’s four bedrooms. Two more bedrooms overlook the enticing 25-metre pool. Living and dining spaces are chic, comfortable and flow freely to the garden.

Entertainment Villa
Villa Mana

Could this be Bali’s best entertainment villa? With plenty of activities available for guests of all ages, Villa Mana is the ultimate destination for families, weddings, and events. Come along as we take a tour of this luxury villa, which boasts some of the best views in Bali.

Instagram Famous Villas
The Edge

Have you ever wanted to swim in a glass pool overhanging a cliff with the ocean 530 feet below? Now you can at The Edge Bali! Come along as we take you on a tour of one of the most instagrammed properties in the world. You will see why the luxury villas at The Edge Bali and the 5-star One-Eighty beach club need to be on your bucket list.

Luxurious Villas
Kayumanis Jimbaran

Have you ever had the urge to take a bath surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Bali? Well, thanks to Kayumanis Jimbaran, now you can! The private estate and spa has several luxury villas to choose from, each offering guests a premium experience full of fun and relaxation. Located within a traditional Balinese village, the villas are built on a coconut grove with an abundance of palms and landscaped gardens.

Four Pool Luxury Villa
Abaca Villas

Have you ever seen a 16-bedroom luxury Bali villa with four pools? The impressive Abaca Villas in Seminyak, Bali, is built for entertaining guests. Whether you are looking for a holiday rental or a wedding venue, this luxury property is the perfect destination. Set amongst rice fields in trendy Seminyak, Abaca Villas will make you fall in love with Bali.

Incredible Resort Villas
Melia Bali

If you want all the amenities and activities of a luxury resort with the privacy of a Bali villa, this could be the ideal destination for you! Melia Bali is located in the popular area of Nusa Dua, which is famed for its beautiful scenery and world-class beaches. Come along on this property tour as we take an inside look at all the amazing features available at this 5-star resort.

Jungle Paradise
Four Seasons at Sayan

Could this be the best luxury resort in Ubud, Bali? The Four Seasons at Sayan is truly one-of-a-kind, not only due its setting within a tropical jungle, but also due to much of the design being inspired by a rice bowl. Explore the many layers and hidden treasures that this 5-star property has to offer as our host Trevor takes you on a tour through this magical destination.

Unique Accommodation
Bali Beach Glamping

Set on a tropical black sand beach in beautiful Bali, this is glamping like you have never seen before! Bali Beach Glamping offers an exquisite luxurious experience featuring 40 luxury tents located in Tabanan. As well as the 5-star tents, this resort offers endless entertainment, from ATV and horseback riding on the beach to a 180-degree infinity pool and palm tree swing.

Designer Home
Mandala The House

This villa is full of amazing surprises that are designed to keep guests entertained throughout their vacation. From a secret library to a private cinema, Mandala The House combines luxury and style with functionality. The 2-level pool is one of the most unique we have toured so far, as not only does it include a cascading waterfall on the glass bottomed upper level, but there is also a pool bar on the lower level.

5-Star Luxury
The Apurva Kempinski Bali

The Apurva Kempinski Bali comprises of over 475 villas, rooms and suites. Completed in 2020, this five-star modern architectural marvel is not only spectacular to admire, but is also equipped with a luxury spa, beachfront access, numerous pools and even an underwater restaurant.

Ultra Stylish
Villa Vida

Villa Vida’s beautiful artwork and authentic Balinese decor juxtaposes the villa’s sleek lines to create comfortable yet magazine-perfect interiors. With its 15-metre private pool as the centrepiece of the property, Villa Vida was designed to bring people together. The outdoor dining and sitting area feels like an effortless extension of the pool and garden, while the air-conditioned TV and living area serves as respite from the hot tropical sun.

Incredible Resort Villas
Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay

Immerse in authentic Balinese culture at Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay: an all-villa beach retreat alive with tradition and innovation. Inspired by a village layout, this iconic resort is arranged into seven small ‘villages’ each headed by a customary Village Chief delivering genuine hospitality.

Modern Design
Aura Villas

Aura Villa Berawa is all about representing ‘Modern Bali’ with its contemporary design, minimalism, open tropical spaces and attention to detail. The tropical Bali style flows into the garden and large sun-soaked pool area.

Bali Beach Villa
Mandala The Rocks

This mind blowing 5,000 square foot ocean-front luxury villa sits in one of Bali’s most spectacular settings on the rocks of Uluwatu directly facing one of the Island’s iconic waves, Impossibles. With its turquoise shutters, panoramic view and chic understated yet meticulously detailed design, Mandala The Rocks is truly the ultimate beach house.

Luxury Bali Resort

At Samanvaya’s ‘Adults Only’ Luxury Resort and Spa let nature and culture guide each experience, intertwining and leading you on a journey through the verdant Sidemen region. Whether trekking through the rice terraces, experiencing local Balinese ceremonies, taking part in their traditional Chakra massage, or simply dining on our locally sourced cuisine at The Rice Barn, Sidemen’s best restaurant, Samanvaya is an unforgettable experience.

Bali Interior Design
Villa Puro Blanco

Villa Puro Blanco is a stunning two-level villa that exudes an air of tranquility and luxurious minimalism, with its all-white walls and décor. As they say, less is more! The living area, dining area and fully equipped kitchen, which open up to an amazing view of the large swimming pool, are chic and spacious.

Unique Cliff House
Banyu Biru Villa

Banyu Biru Villa is featured in a few Design Magazines and Bali Living Book as one of the most sought after Interior designs and Architectures. Exclusively designed by German architect – Walter Wagner of Habitat 5, this villa sets on the edge of a cliff front of Bukit peninsula’s (Kutuh Beach area) overlooking Indian ocean in Uluwatu.

Bali Home Design
Villa Gu

Villa Gu was designed for those in need of a calm, relaxing space to unwind. Every element on display, from the statue of Hindu deity Ganesha to the delicate sounds of the nearby water feature, was chosen to rebalance and encourage your inner-Zen. This stunning, contemporary five-bedroom villa with sleek lines and a modern design.

Luxury Beach Home
Villa Mary

Villa Mary, with its five master en-suite bedrooms, spacious living areas, home theatre and beautiful grounds, is ideally situated on the quiet and beautiful Pererenan beach. The sunsets are stunning and never to forget. The villa offers a true Balinese experience, surrounded by rice fields, a temple, and a small local village. 

Jungle Huts
Camaya Bali

Join the Bali villa tour of this bamboo tiny house in Bali Indonesia. This peaceful eco bamboo tiny house resort is so unique and magical that you will feel like you are in paradise! Come with us for a tour of Camaya Bali bamboo tiny house design and feel the stress melt away in Bali!

Wooden Tiny House
Villa Asli

Villa Asli is a luxury 5-bedroom villa which is composed of individual pavilions bought back from Java island, spread around a luxurious garden and natural ponds. These traditional Javanese houses are more than 100 years old and all have been decorated with antiques from all around Indonesia, which brings authentic charm and character to the villa.

Amazing Bamboo Huts
Ulaman Eco Resort

Located in a remote and serene area of Bali, The Ulaman Eco Retreat’s purpose is to present sustainability in this eco-friendly hideaway; allowing you the space, sanctuary and silence to unwind while offering preferred amenities and impeccable service. A secluded, lush haven of tranquillity awaits you. 

Luxury Mega Villa
Villa Vedas

Villa Vedas is designed and engineered to feature a breathtaking 22-meter span without any supporting columns in order to provide an unobstructed view right through the property and out to sea. The villa itself represents approximately 1,800 square metres of construction, and is a modern architecturally designed home that is unique and unequalled, with many interesting design features, most of which have been meticulously fabricated on site.

Black Beach Villa
Villa Sound of the Sea

Villa Sound of the Sea was conceived like a boutique hotel with 6 luxurious bedrooms spread between 2 sprawling bungalows, linked together by a 100 square meter open-concept living room to welcome the breeze and the sound of the sea. The standout feature of the villa is the gorgeous 20-meter beachfront infinity pool and heated Jacuzzi.

Luxury Beach Mansion
Villa Melissa

Villa Melissa is a stately five-bedroom beachfront villa in Canggu. As one of the five exclusive Pantai Lima Estate villas, Villa Melissa is the epitome of tropical luxury and barefoot living. This stunning short term rental is considered to be one of the best beach villas in Canggu.

Balinese Architecture
Villa Surya Damai

Villa Surya Damai is a sublime introduction to Bali villa living that will embrace you in its charm and make you never want to leave. Built as a family home this delightful five-bedroom property is uniquely infused with touches of colonial elegance, high-quality interiors and furnishings and all the modern creature comforts required for the perfect tropical villa holiday.

Bali Beach Mansion
Villa Tantangan

Built with sustainability and the environment in mind, this mansion on the beach incorporates natural local resources such as bamboo and uses solar panels that allow for off-grid eco-living. The open-air common areas, rolling green gardens and layout of the villa seeks to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, creating a private slice of heaven on the Island of the Gods as you will see in this home tour.

Seminyak Mansion
Villa Eden

EDEN Villa is a 3-storey luxury villa located in trendy Seminyak, Bali. Only a short walk from the beach, this villa comes fully staffed, including a private chef to cook amazing meals. The property features an amazing roof terrace overlooking the ocean, as well as a large pool and tropical garden.

Secret Bali Cliff House
Villa Sena

Villa Sena is a beautiful 5-bedroom villa located near Dreamland beach and a short drive to Padang-Padang beach. The villa features a fun entertainment room that has a pool table, 70″ TV and Bose sound system, which overlooks the infinity pool, a spacious living and dining area and a fully-equipped kitchen. 

Luxury Canggu Home
Villa Amia

Amia Villa features 4 bedrooms, each with their own en suite bathroom. It is set on 600 sqm of land in beautiful Canggu, Bali – one of the most popular regions of Bali, with beautiful beaches and scenic rice fields, as well as trendy shops and world-class restaurants. The property runs along a freshwater river, and incorporates a unique split level design due to the incline of the land.

Luxury Bali Airbnb
Antara Villa

Antara Villa features 3 king sized bedrooms, each with their own ensuite bathrooms. It is set on 300 m2 of land in beautiful Umalas, Bali – one of the most popular regions of Bali, near beautiful beaches and scenic rice fields, as well as trendy shops and world-class restaurants. The property sits in front of a stunning rice field and has 3 levels of space to explore and enjoy.

Amazing Pererenan Villa
The Riverhouse

The Riverhouse is Bali life re-imagined. Bold and confident. Private and cool. This is your oasis of luxury and cool in the rice fields of Pererenan. Your days can be as active or as calm as you wish. Each bedroom is large enough to escape and relax or you can spend your days with friends and family near the pool. Sunset is viewed through the coconut trees and sunrise will greet you with the sound of running water and wild birds playing by the river.

Alexis Dornier is a multi-award winning architect in Bali, Indonesia. Born in Germany, he has studied and worked in many cities around the world, including Berlin, Stockholm and New York. Alexis Dornier is well known for many popular designs throughout Bali, including Roam, which is a modern co-living space, which brings together numerous elements including large windows and vegetation to create an idyllic place to live, work and relax. When it comes to architecture in Bali, Alexis Dornier has stamped his unique style on a growing number of projects throughout the island.

Designer Beach Villa
Villa Florimar

Villa Florimar is an impressive five-bedroom house situated in the stunning, traditional Balinese village of Seseh.   Only a few metres from the glistening volcanic-sand beach, you can either watch local fishermen pull in their daily catch or explore local Balinese temples where ceremonies are performed daily against an ocean backdrop.

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Buying land in Bali can be a daunting task, but our land acquisition team can take care of everything for you. From finding the ideal plot to advising on the different purchase options.

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Ongoing maintenance of every aspect of your property, from cleaning, cooking and gardening services to successful holiday rental management.

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