Casita Alas
2 Bedroom

$219,000 USD

Features &

Virtual Tour

Experience what it is like to walk through and look around Casita Alas 2 Bedroom with our virtual tour. There is plenty of space for guests to relax, play and work. Click on the highlights in our virtual tour to explore different rooms and areas.

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Material Selection


Living Room Ceiling


Jimbaran Stone

Feature Walls

Jimbaran Stone

ateson black


Ateson Shower Black


Kitchen Appliances


polished cement

Deck Area

Polished Cement




Casita Alas
2 bedroom
Architectural Design

Casita Alas 2 Bedroom has been cleverly designed by our Bali architects to ensure these luxury villas have all the home comforts guests would need.

The mediterranean theme of these villas carries throughout the interior design, with eye-catching details and finishes.

Every part of Casita Alas has been designed to be Instagram-worthy, helping to ensure high occupancy rates and happy guests. 

Bali Architects and Builders
Return On Investment*
Build Size**

*Based on a nightly rate of $200 and 95% occupancy **Approximate sizing

$ K
Prices from (USD)
Return On Investment*
Land Size**
Build Size**

*Based on a nightly rate of $200 and 95% occupancy

**Approximate sizing

Return on


Estimated Passive
Income in 30 Years

Occupancy 75% (Low) 85% (Mid) 95% (High)
Nightly Rate
$200 (USD) $200 (USD) $200 (USD)
Monthly Revenue
$4,560 $5,170 $5,770
Monthly Expenses*
$650 $650 $650
Monthly Profits
$3,910 $4,520 $5,120
Annual Profits
Annual ROI
21% 25% 28%
Years to Breakeven
4.7 years 4.0 years 3.6 years

Calculations do not include any applicable taxes or management fees. *Staff, electricity & internet

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