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Estimated passive income in 30 years


Get ready for these new luxury villas in Uluwatu! Designed to deliver an unrivaled level of home comforts, these 3-bedroom havens are the perfect fit for your luxury living in Bali.



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The Area

Perched on Bali’s southern tip, Uluwatu beckons as an enchanting coastal haven. Its breathtaking shores kiss the vast Indian Ocean, embracing pristine sandy beaches and luxurious hillside villas, drawing in a vibrant expat community.

This slice of paradise is renowned for world-class surf breaks, such as the famous Padang-Padang Beach. Iconic beach clubs like Savaya Bali Beach Club and Ulu Cliffhouse add to the allure, making Uluwatu a magnet for both tourists and long-term residents.

In this captivating locale, you’ll find a plethora of beachfront bars, seaside and hillside activities, and much more to keep you entertained. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant atmosphere, investing in Uluwatu promises enticing returns, fueled by its surging popularity and the growing demand for accommodations.


Experience what it is like to walk through and look around Solas Uluwatu with our virtual tour. There is plenty of space for guests to relax, play and work. Click on the highlights in our virtual tour to explore different rooms and areas.

Build Size**

*Based on a nightly rate of $300 & 95% occupancy

**Approximate sizing

Return on Investment

Return on

Occupancy 75% (Low) 85% (Mid) 95% (High)
Nightly Rate
$300 (USD) $300 (USD) $300 (USD)
Monthly Revenue
$6,840 $7,750 $8,660
Monthly Expenses*
$1300 $1300 $1300
Monthly Profits
$5,540 $6,450 $7,360
Annual Profits
Annual ROI
19% 22% 25%
Years to Breakeven
5.2 years 4.5 years 4.0 years


Construction Start

Already Started
Invest in an off-plan villa in Uluwatu during the pre-sale for the best prices.

Estimated Finish

February – 2025
Construction will take approximately 12 months and finish around Month in 2025.

Furnishing & rental preparation

March ~ April 2025
Two months for finishing, furniture, appliances and all the necessary preparations for rental.


Step 1

Choose Your Ideal Property
Find the perfect unit from our premium collection that suits your vision and investment goals.

Step 2

Secure with Initial Deposit
With an initial deposit of just 20% ensures it’s exclusively yours.

Step 3

Spread Payments Across Construction
Comfortably manage your investment with 4 x 20% payments during construction progress.

Step 4

Enjoy Rental Profits or Make It Your Home
Watch your investment grow through Bali’s thriving rental scene or simply enjoy living in the tropical haven.

Payment Structure


leasehold 30 years + 30 years extension at market rate

Features &


Solas Uluwatu is designed to ensure each villa is a private oasis. This two-story villa boasts a tropical Mediterranean style with a boho-themed interior. 

From the three enchanting bedrooms and an open-plan living area to the inviting pool and lush garden, everything has been thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and style.

Another highlight is undoubtedly the rooftop area, with a beautiful wooden pergola and bench, providing the perfect spot to enjoy the stunning views of Uluwatu’s hill and ocean.

Locally Sourced

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Off-Plan Projects

Onsite Reception & Security

Professional Maintenance

5-Star Maid Service

Pool and Garden Care

Private & Guest Parking

Lower Fees for Services

Full Time Management

Safe, Friendly and Exclusive Complex

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Development Experts

Responsible for making the magic happen


Operational Manager

Byron, our Operational Manager at Balitecture, exemplifies the core of our mission with his composed leadership and skill in managing numerous projects across Bali. His extensive background in both design and construction bridges all phases from conception to completion, offering unique value. With a rich track record of projects from South Africa to Bali, Byron is instrumental in ensuring our clients receive exceptional investment projects.


Principal Architect

Dedy, our Principal Architect, plays a pivotal role in leading our architectural team to deliver outstanding design solutions to our clients. His expertise in architectural design principles ensures that each project is executed with precision and excellence. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovative design, Dedy consistently delivers projects that exceed client expectations and contribute positively to the built environment.


RnD Manager

Chloe, our Research and Development Manager, pioneers in advancing materials, sustainability, and design trends with technologies like BIM and parametric tools, setting Balitecture apart. With vast experience from South Africa to Indonesia, she collaborates closely with our design team to meet client expectations, driving exceptional outcomes


Project Manager

Nyoman Adi, our Project Manager, is the key person in coordinating internal teams, clients, and third parties to ensure effective communication. With his solid background and expertise, he ensures the successful execution of all our projects. Leveraging his extensive experience in Indonesian construction, he is committed to delivering exceptional quality to our clients.


Sales Manager

James, our Sales Manager, brings a wealth of experience to our clients on current market conditions and investment opportunities. He has a lifetime of experience in the hospitality and short term rental business and has several successful vacation rentals both in Canada and here in Bali. His passion is rooted in service to Balitecture clients and helping them to make great investment choices here in Bali.


Head of Villa Management

Irene, our Head of Villa Management, lead staff, maintain standards, coordinate bookings, and ensure exceptional guest experiences. Her role blends hospitality, administration, and leadership, crafting a seamless and luxurious stay for guests through strategic oversight of all operational aspects and a commitment to excellence.

Asked Questions

No, you only need a 20% deposit and a valid passport.

Yes, our Villa Management contracts allow for 4 weeks of owner use per year.

Absolutely, Balitecture offers comprehensive property management services covering maintenance, security, housekeeping, and rental channel management.

Bali is primarily a cash market. However, Balitecture provides vendor financing for our development projects, allowing for payments to be spread over 12-14 months.

Yes, Balitecture maintains bank accounts in Australia, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Europe.

No, all documentation can be signed and notarized remotely with assistance from our in-house legal team.

Absolutely, Balitecture offers opportunities for investors interested in acquiring multiple properties for rental income or resale, with tailored guidance on portfolio diversification and investment strategies.

Balitecture off plan projects are of fixed designs but interior decor are customizable.

Balitecture provides assistance with resale services, helping navigate the market and find potential buyers for your property.

Construction timelines vary based on project size and complexity, typically ranging from 12 to 18 months with a focus on timely completion and quality craftsmanship.

Balitecture handles all necessary permits and ensures compliance with local zoning regulations, making the process seamless for our clients.

Yes, Balitecture can assist you in renting out your villa to generate income when you’re not using it. We offer professional rental management services to handle bookings, maintenance, and guest services.

Absolutely, Balitecture prioritizes eco-friendly design principles and sustainable building practices, minimizing environmental impact through energy-efficient materials, renewable energy sources, and water conservation measures.

Yes, Balitecture offers comprehensive property management services, ensuring your property remains in top condition and optimized for rental income if desired.

Construction Progress

From the initial foundations to the final touches, follow along and keep up to date as your investment in Solas Uluwatu takes shape.

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