Villa Anila
3 Bedroom
Est. 2023

boracay, philippines

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Design Style
Modern Balinese

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Villa Anila 3BR harmonizes tropical allure and modern luxury in a contemporary 3-bedroom home. Its exterior flaunts a modern minimalist style with sleek lines, earthy tones, wooden accents, and expansive glass sliding doors.

Inside, the open layout seamlessly links a cosy living room, a well-equipped kitchen, and a dining space. The snug lounging area adds an inviting touch, complemented by panoramic views through the glass sliding doors.

The rooftop oasis boasts a vibrant tropical setting with comfortable sunken seating, lounging areas, and lush greenery. This cohesive design merges natural elements and modern aesthetics, creating a distinct and lively rooftop retreat.

Every part of Villa Anila 3BR has been designed to be Instagram-worthy, helping to ensure high occupancy rates and happy guests. 

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